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When Paul opened his eyes all he could see was colors. Vibrant colors, the same colors of his scales, danced in front of his eyes.

"What's going on," he whispered, only to realize that his voice had changed to a raspy growl.

His back, mainly down his spine, felt strange and on fire and when he reached behind him to touch his back, a tentacle wrapped around his wrist. Finally, as Paul's vision cleared and his wrist was freed from the tentacle, he turned around to look at what had become of him. Scales covered his entire back, shinning with grim beauty. However, that wasn't what made his throat tighten in terror.

Down his spine, between a chasm of ripped flesh and black blood, were thousands of razor sharp tentacles that ranged from the size of your pinky finger to the length of your arm. Shaking, Paul dropped his gaze down to his hands in his lap which had morphed into talons.

"Paul," a soft voice called from the side of the room. Paul's gaze shot up and, huddled in a leap, was Maya. The same black blood oozed down her side and between her fingers which she had clamped down on the wound. Around her lay a dozen tentacles which he presumed were his.

"What do I do?" he rasped out in his new eerie voice.

"The only thing you can," she said quietly "You need to let her take control so that you can fight her from within. It's the only chance we have."

Paul closed his eyes, feeling the change in his body, and still couldn't believe that any of this was real. When he opened them again Maya was staring at him, gaze steady.

"Okay," he rasped out, and closing his eyes he let Tal'Shen take over.
Hi everyone, this is my submission for chapter 7 of Odyssey II. I worked very hard on this and I hope that everyone likes it! Love where the story is going.
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November 28, 2012
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